CJ and the Prull Crew have been hard at work the last few weeks! Most of the interior walls in the school are up and the units are completely separated. Walking around you really get a sense of the spaces…it is pretty remarkable to see such a metamorphosis in this historic beauty. We have received some inquiries about the process of construction and I will say that 1. It’s going amazing! 2. Unit 1 is looking at a finish date in June 3. The Casitas (units 6, 7 and 8) will not be under construction until there is interest and we are always willing and around to talk. All of the floor plans have been meticulously looked over and over by all involved in this transformation. We strongly believe there is no better way to maximize the great outdoors and the great indoors. With that said, Casitas B and C are rather conceptual. Architectural Alliance and the Manderfield team have spent countless hours making the most of the spaces and we feel the proposed floor plans for B and C are impeccable. We have decided to wait on construction of those, however, in the instance there is someone interested who feels an adapted floor plan better suits them. In that instance we would get you together with our team and come to an agreement of how to maximize what is a better arrangement for you. (in this instance all architectural fees will be the responsibility of the interested party.)


As always, if you have any questions, we usually have the answers :) The construction phase can throw curveballs during the winter, but fingers crossed the weather is kind and Prull keeps rocking this project!

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